You can be born with dual nationality on this remote island of Maine


Travel through Maine and you will come across a lot of quirks. But one of Vacationland’s strangest conditions exists on the remote island known as Machias Seal Island. About 10 miles off the Cutler Coast, Machias Seal Island is the only disputed territory between the United States and Canada, which would presumably give someone born there a very interesting privilege.

According to, due to the ongoing conflict on the island, anyone born on Machias Seal Island is granted dual citizenship. This is the only place in Maine where such a claim is a birthright. But before planning a baby shower on the remote island, there are a few things you should know.

There is an almost 200 year old lighthouse erected on the island which is manned by a Canadian lighthouse keeper year round. It is considered important work by Canadians, as a safety net for passing boats but also as a guardian of the true inhabitants of the island. Puffins.

Puffins use Machias Seal Island as a breeding ground and their seabird colony has become a tourist destination. The lighthouse keeper and an agreement to curb tourism between the United States and Canada made sightseeing boat trips to Machias Seal Island exclusive. Only 15 guests per country are allowed on the island on any given day during peak season. Not only that, visitors are relegated to walks designated not to disturb the puffin colony.

All of this means that you are very unlikely to give birth on Machias Seal Island and your little one is unlikely to be able to claim dual citizenship because of it. It is worth a visit in the future, even without the special privileges.

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