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Maine is best known for its big lobsters, rocky coastline and excellent boating, but thanks to owner Noah Gordon, a once inaccessible private island with 4,000 feet of shoreline and sparkling views of the Portland skyline can now be added to a list of the main attractions in the region. .

During this Covid-19 summer, House Island has grown from a summer retreat for the rich and famous to a safe haven for superyacht owners and charter guests. Gordon, a tech entrepreneur, purchased the 26-acre northern half of the island in Portland, Maine, in October 2019. Located in Casco Bay, just a six-minute boat ride from the shore, House Island offers a 360 degree underdeveloped landscape. views, several beaches and a rich tapestry of American history.

The landmass became Home Island over 400 years ago, recognized by ship captains as “the home on the starboard island” upon entering Portland Harbor, Gordon said. Robb Report.

Because it is isolated, the island has become a superyacht stopover.

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At one time, it was also known as “Ellis Island of the North” when immigrants from Europe and the Mediterranean were treated by the US government from 1907 to 1937. In the 1950s, the island was purchased privately by the Cushing family, and has since been an elusive area of ​​intrigue for locals.

“No one in this area knows much about House Island, it’s a hidden gem,” Gordon said. “I grew up a few miles from here and had never been to the island before now because it had been privately owned all that time.”

In 2014, the Cushing family sold the island in half. The south side, now owned by Travis Bullard and Stefan Scarks of Fortland LLC, contains America’s only 19th-century private fort.

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Before covid-19, House Island was a vacation spot for the rich and famous, often used to host private weddings.

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Gordon’s 12 acres on the north side contain the original immigration dock which has now been reimagined as a five-bedroom luxury residence called Cappy’s Lodge, along with two other properties. Prior to Covid, Gordon was developing the north side of the island as a premier event space for people like Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro, whose daughter Cristi married Zak Schwarzman there in 2017.

With three take-off and landing areas for helicopters and deep-water anchorages for yachts, the responsibility now rests on its suitability as a haven for superyacht owners.

“The island is surrounded by water up to 50 feet deep,” says Gordon, “so any size boat, including an aircraft carrier, could actually anchor right in front of the island. “


The island has attracted superyachts like “Felix”, which drops anchor offshore and drops guests off on the island for the day.

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Over the past two months, Maine’s cruising superyacht lineup has included Oceanco’s 295-foot DreAMBoat, 230 foot superyacht Felix, and the two vessels of Eric Smidt, owner of Harbor Freight Tools, 226 feet Intrepid and 290 feet Infinite.

Island activities include sailing, kayaking, deep sea fishing and for those who wish to brave the cool waters of Casco Bay, there is swimming off the island’s five private beaches. Ospreys and bald eagles glide at eye level along the island’s cliffs, also providing a treat for bird watchers.

“House Island is the only thing like that available in Maine,” superyacht captain Gareth Sheppard Felix Recount Robb Report. “We spent a day visiting and exploring the area. The fort was a highlight for us. And if you had an event hosted with a DJ and a lobster pastry, having a party on this island would be awesome.

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