Road and bridge contractors say work should be done as soon as possible


It all started when President Biden, in the presence of Governor Mills, enacted the “Bipartite Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act” on Monday.

Many immediate thoughts were, “How many of this trillion-plus dollar is coming to Maine.” The answer is over $ 1 billion to spend in Maine alone on roads and bridges.

The money must be spent over the next 6 years. $ 1.3 billion sounds like a lot of money. And it’s. Not that we average citizens know how much it costs to build roads. But that’s a lot of money at a time when the word trillion is thrown around without the impact a word like this should have.

Anyway, Mainers, we have money for the upcoming improvement that will be spent on a few things like public transport, airport improvements, clean water, heating upgrades and also electric vehicle infrastructure.

We asked on Facebook which roads and bridges near and dear to you could benefit from an upgrade, and you answered.

FYI, by far the most popular answer was

“Most of Maine’s roads are in poor condition and too many bridges are collapsing to list them all.”

A lot of people have taken this route. Look what I did there.


has been cited by many people.

But we also got more specific responses on where they would like to see improvements, and we’re sharing them with you.

Thank you all for participating. Since this is a project of at least 5 years, let’s take a look and prepare an updated report card in a year. I hope then that your roads will have priority.

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