Rent this frame at Sugarloaf for your next ski adventure in Maine


Let me be very clear, I am not a skier or snowboarder in any sense of those words. However, I am very good at going up and down the mountain chairlift. I can even do it without falling!

If you enjoy skiing or snowboarding during Maine’s incredible (and usually long) winters, then you are no stranger to the largest and most popular ski mountain in all of Maine and possibly New Brunswick. England.

Surgarloaf Mountain is home to some of the sickest slopes and coolest pow-pows (is that what people say or?) On this side of old Mississippi. And if you’re planning on staying for more than a day, you’ll probably need a place to stay.

A quick search on just about any travel site will quickly produce tons of results for local accommodations, but I think we just landed on one of the best.

Located in the heart of the Carrabssett Valley, this A-frame has all the amenities of home and then some to make your whole family or team of skiers feel right at home. From a brief description of the Air Bnb site,

This oversized A-frame has 3 bedrooms and an entertainment room for all to enjoy! It is within walking distance of the Tufulios Restaurant and Bar as well as the Maine Huts & Trails System. Access the trails all year round on foot, snowshoes or cross-country skiing. The ITS115 snowmobile trail is also accessible directly across the road on Route 27.

The house comfortably accommodates six people (share the price!) And has a huge pool table, multiple bedrooms and a huge living room / kitchen. And, if you haven’t had enough cold air on the slopes, there’s even an outdoor entertainment area.

At an average cost of around $ 322 per night, splitting this rental 6 ways would only cost $ 53 per night per person. But don’t take our word for it, just take a look at these photos.

This A-frame of Sugarloaf Mountain is the perfect getaway for your Maine ski adventure

This desirable Maine home has all the amenities you will need to unwind after a hard day of shredding that cool pow pow!

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