Northern Maine Community College Nursing Students Had the Chance to Talk to Dr Shah About COVID and COVID Vaccines


PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) – Nursing students at Northern Maine Community College had the chance to speak to Dr Shah about COVID and COVID vaccines.

Jessica Lahey, a level 1 nursing educator, said NMCC President Tim Crowley arranged this so that faculty, staff and nursing students could submit questions about the pandemic and vaccines.

“So with our nursing students we try to educate them about vaccinations and how they affect our community and how we educate our clients so that we can have that with Dr Shah and giving him the kind. future of what he sees widens in a way. and reiterate what we also teach so that they know the facts are there and that it supports the teaching in our evidence-based practice.

“I think this has been of great benefit to the nursing students and faculty here at NMCC. This allowed us to deepen our knowledge. It really made you think in a different way that you might not be thinking about. It was … to have him who is so high up when it comes to researching COVID and looking at trends with COVID, it just gave us more information than we can nor research the sites on ourselves. Web nor we turn too, ”said Brittany Harris, a level 1 nursing student at NMCC.

“I’m just keeping up to date with what’s going on with COVID right now and what they’re thinking about going and applying it in my clinics and classes,” said Rudi Carton, level 1 nursing student at NMCC .

Lahey says she hopes to be able to reconnect with Dr Shah next August.

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