Massachusetts woman pleads guilty to methamphetamine trafficking in Aroostook County


A Massachusetts woman pleaded guilty on Tuesday in Bangor U.S. District Court to conspiring to distribute methamphetamine in Aroostook County.

According to court records, between January 2017 and August 2018, Kimberly Tompkins, 52, of Bridgton, Mass. and others conspired to distribute large amounts of methamphetamine in northern Maine.

Prosecutors said Tompkins coordinated shipments of several pounds of methamphetamine from a source in Arizona to his accomplices who sold the drugs in Aroostook County. Conspiracy members sent thousands of dollars in cash to these sources in Arizona to fund their drug trafficking business.

Tompkins faces life in prison and a $ 10 million fine, according to US Attorney Darcie N. McElwee.

The guilty plea came a day after Connor Clark, 24, of Presque Isle, pleaded guilty to his role in the drug trafficking operation. Other members of the group should be prosecuted.

“Aroostook County has seen a worrying increase in methamphetamine use, which law enforcement officials take seriously,” US Attorney McElwee said. “If you, or someone you love, is suffering from such an addiction, please visit for the Aroostook County Addiction Directory.”

The US Drug Enforcement Administration and the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency investigated the case.

This lawsuit is part of an investigation by the Anti-Drugs Against Organized Crime Working Groups, which identifies, disrupts and dismantles the biggest drug traffickers, money launderers, gangs and transnational criminal organizations that threaten states. -United. It uses a multi-agency, prosecutor-led, intelligence-led approach that leverages the strengths of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies against criminal networks.

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