Island of Maine welcomes baby for the first time in over 90 years


A baby born in September is the first baby born on Little Cranberry Island in over 90 years.

Little Cranberry Island off the coast of Maine recently celebrated its first baby in over 90 years.

Aaron and Erin Gray welcomed their sixth child Azalea Belle Gray on September 26 to their home in the town of Islesford.

Get this, the last baby born on the island before Azalea was her late great-grandfather Warren Fernald in 1927.

“Although it seems like a coincidence, we make up a large portion of the population,” said Erin Gray.

The city clerk said about 80 people lived on the island during the winter.

“Maybe it’s not such a coincidence,” Gray said.

All the other Grays’ children were born on the mainland. Gray said she had planned an island birth this time because their shore home was being rented out.

“With the good weather, I always thought I was going to give birth here. All of my other babies were born in January and February when the weather is terrible,” Gray said.

As for Azalée’s great-grandfather, he died in 2005. Erin thinks he would willingly cede the title of “last baby born on Little Cranberry Island” to one of his own.

“He would probably have jokes. He was a full-fledged fisherman and he would have been a great support,” Gray said.

Especially since the title is still in the family.

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