Island of Maine gets its first cases after 8 months without COVID


After nearly 8 months, the coronavirus pandemic has reached North Haven Island, which now has 15 cases in total.

NORTH HAVEN, Maine – Protected by 12 miles from Penobscot Bay, North Haven has made it through spring, summer and part of fall without any cases of COVID-19 as islanders work to minimize their potential exposure.

Their luck changed this week, as the city administrator informed residents that North Haven now has 13 active cases of COVID-19 and 2 probable cases.

“Sure we’re disappointed and a little nervous, now we have a case, it’s gone into the 15 range,” said Rick Lattimer, “but I think we’re going to do it okay.”

A pandemic is a problem anywhere, but on a remote island it can be a serious threat. Lattimer and community center director Christi Hallowell both said getting to the hospital in an emergency can be uncertain, depending on weather and sea conditions.

This is one of the main reasons the city is responding to the increase in the number of cases by asking residents to stay in their homes and limit their exposure.

“If we can keep people home and go through that, so that they go out after that one exposure, that would be fantastic,” Lattimer said.

“It’s very, very quiet,” Hallowell said, indicating that islanders have so far complied with the city’s stay-at-home request. “On my way to work on a usual day, I saw five or six cars and today there is no one there at all. See no one at the post office, and very little at the ferry terminal.

She said people were surprised to suddenly be faced with COVID within them, but added that the arrival of the virus is “a wake-up call,” for everyone to continue to follow the guidelines to avoid to be infected.

The city administrator said no new cases were revealed on Tuesday and hopes it stays that way.

However, Rick Lattimer and Christi Hallowell have both said they believe the unwanted arrival of the virus will change many plans for Thanksgiving.

The administrator sent another COVID letter to residents on Tuesday, outlining all of the city’s precautions and resources, he suggested they should be postponed this year, saying: “We don’t need to add more people to the mix for now. “

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