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SMCC will expand in-person course offerings for the fall semester

Southern Maine Community College is expanding its in-person class sizes and course offerings for the fall semester, opening up new opportunities for students to take more courses on campus.

Southern Maine Community College will be hosting a weekend for family and friends, October 1-3. Courtesy Image

The college will allow full capacity in hundreds of in-person courses that previously had capacity limits to allow physical distancing. The college is also looking to convert some online courses to on-campus classes to provide even more options for students seeking face-to-face in-class learning.

“We are delighted to be able to allow more students to take in-person classes as we gradually return to normal operations,” Joe Cassidy, president of Southern Maine Community College, said in a June 23 press release. “We know that many students thrive in a classroom environment, and we plan to make it happen for as many students as possible. “

The college had imposed class size limits for in-person classes for the fall semester, in accordance with protocols to protect the health and safety of employees and students. But with COVID-19 vaccination rates continuing to rise and physical distancing protocols relaxed, the college has decided to open up in-person classes to more students. The changes could affect up to 400 classes, potentially opening up thousands of new niches for students to receive in-person instruction.

Expanded classes are the latest indicator that college is slowly returning to normal for the 2021-22 school year.

Southern Maine Community College is opening its three residences – two on the South Portland campus and one on the Midcoast campus in Brunswick – this fall. College sports teams also have full schedules for the fall season.

The SMCC Campus Center, the hub of the South Portland campus, will also reopen on July 1. The center of the campus houses the board, admissions and other offices, as well as the SMCC bookstore.

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